BEHIND THE LENS: Some behind the scene discussion on my photos

I am not pretending to be a master of photography.  I am not really a master of anything.  But the joy of photography is as much about the sharing of the image as the actual capture of it.    

I often get asked questions about my photography such as 'how i took that photo?', 'what equipment do I use?', or 'how I processed that photo?'.  There is also the odd questions about the camper trailer I have or specific questions on some of the destinations we have been.  So I thought I would add this 'Behind the Lens' look at my travels, photography and life.  

There is a huge amount of information out there on learning photography but I thought I would focus these concepts for people who go camping and travel from the bush to the coast. 

The photos on the following pages may not be the best of my photos and often I choose ones that have flaws or things that don't work.  They may also have been chosen to present an issue or skill. But hopefully they will inspire you to try something different next time you are 'on the road'.

Please feel free to put a comment or question and I will try to reply. Enjoy