April 2016: Booti Booti National Park, NSW

You would not think it was April with warm weather making it perfect for a weekend escape up the coast to Booti Booti National Park. The name comes from "butibuti", the local Worimi Aboriginal word meaning"plenty of honey".  

The National Park has the best of both worlds.  On one side is Seven Mile Beach (I love how many long beaches are named 7 mile when they are not really that long) and the sheltered Wallis Lake on the other. 

Wallis Lake is a perfect spot for a paddle especially when there is little wind making it easy going.

It is amazingly shallow with the ability to walk several hundred metres out in to the centre of the lake yet still only be knee deep in water.  A perfect spot for the kids to play safely.

Not surprisingly, I did manage to get out early for some sunrise shooting.

The camp site is called the Ruins, a large flat grassy area next to the beach.  While I could imagine it could get crowded in the middle of summer, at this time of year there were approx 3o campers spaced far enough apart to not intrude on each other.  There are reasonably good facilities with basic amenities and BBQ.  However the camping fee is getting reasonable steep at $16 per adult and $8 per child per night plus park entry fee (quickly adds up for a family).

Despite this well worth a visit for those that have not been here.