July 2016: Paika Station, NSW

July saw us head to Mungo National Park for a week of clear skies and cool nights.  Well that was the plan until the rain decided other things.

Reaching Balranald quick last minute changes were discussed with the decision to head to an outback station called Paika.  This amazing property has so many stories to tell.  But for now you can just be amazed by some of the scenery on the property.


It's amazing to think this was once a dry paddock.  for 100 years was diverted from the original wetland to create grazing land. Due to the dedication of the owner of Paika Station this has been finally restored to its former state as a birdlife magnet in the outback.

The Station is also an amazing place to star gaze.

Our accomodation in the old shearers quarter

Relics of Paika

We also spent some time visiting the Yanga Woolshed and homestead which is part of the Yanga National Park.