May 2018: Branxton Rodeo

May saw a trip out to the Branxston Rodeo in the Hunter, NSW. While many of them are amateurs they still know how to ride a bull. 

LONR - BrankstonRodeo-17.jpg

If the riders were crazy, they are not as mad as these guys who put their body on the line to protect the cowboys.

LONR - BrankstonRodeo-15.jpg

They also manage to have a bit of fun despite the dangers.

But there is a whole lot more at the rodeo than bull riding.  There is some amazing horsemanship as cowboys and cowgirls put their horses to the test. 

What I also love about events such as these is it does not matter the age, everyone gets involved.

LONR - BrankstonRodeo-7.jpg