April 2019: Dunn's Swamp, NSW

It’s been a long time between drinks with limited travel due to work commitments.

It was finally time to dust of the camper and get some dust put back on it as we headed away for the weekend to Dunn’s Swamp in the Wollemi National Park.

Wile the National Park has some remote areas, one part that is easily accessible, even in a normal sedan, is the Dunn’s Swamp - Ganguddy Campground.  Located not far from Lithgow there are approximately 80 spaces to choose. However be warned as many sites are only for tens so, if you are like us, it pays to get there early during school holidays to get a spot for the camper. Tip: you will soon be able to book online so check the NPWS website.

There are a couple of small walks (1 hourish) including the Weir Walk and Pagoda Lookout which provided panoramic views over the Cudgegong River and surrounding volcanic outcrops.

But one of the main reasons to come here is to paddle on the swamp. The good news is that it is actually a lovely lake formed due to the construction of the Kandos Weir. This was constructed in the 1920s when the river was dammed to provide water for a cement works. 

We spent the weekend paddling past purple swamp hens building their nests in the reeds, and black cormorants fishing from the rocks. And if you are very lucky like I was, you may get a chance to sight a platypus on the water edge (no photo unfortunately).